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Turtle Wax ICE!?

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I dont think i will be getting zaino stuff anytime soon, because my dad says there are hundreds of car waxes and polishes in the store! :banghead:

anywase i was wondering if any of you have tried the new Turtle Wax Ice products? how well do they work?
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I picked up the ICE car wash liquid this past Saturday from Costco, the guy at the counter was raving about it and highly recommended the ICE Liquid WAX. He said he has used both of these products and love them.

I have yet to use car wash liquid it was raining here over the weekend :mad:
I like to use Meguiar's NXT Generation Tech Wax. Man the shine is out of this world. Their Gold Coat wax is great too. I have tried the Turtle Wax Ice and it doesn't give the same shine. I get tons of complements on my current vehicles due to the amount of shine!!!! :thumb: I have a 1991 truck that I use it on and the paint that is still original on it still shines like new, my daughter had a little boo boo and some of the paint was starting to flake so parts of it has been repainted.
Is that liquid or regular Wax?
JRacer said:
there is a special coating you can have put on your care and it will never require waxing. i cant remember what it is called but my sister has it on her infiniti fx45 and when water hits it just beads up and pops off.... dont even really need to use the windshield wipers unless it is truly storming which is rare in california.
how much does that cost and how long will it last?
where do you get it done?
Gmoney_2010 said:
where do you get it done?
oh never heard of that before!
does it look like it is always waxed and shinny?
and how much does it cost?
The windshield one could simply be RainX.

Are you talking about seal coat?
idk, i was talking about the thing MsS42 was talking about!?
idk what its called
im not sure it could have been a sealer but it lasts the life of the car and the car never needs waxing. its always shinning even when its dirty lol
I think the "lifetime" treatment you're referring to may be the teflon treatment that has been around for a while. I've had it doen on aircraft before and it is NOT a lifetime process unless your idea of a lifetime is about 3-4 years.

What I don't liek about this treatment is that it requires buffing off the sheen of the clear coat before applying and polishing the teflon coating.

I've nto found a better product that Maguire's NXT Tech products. I've used it for several years on my black Vette and have had very good results plus it's easy to apply.
hehehehe, probably a ploy that the dealer told her "lifetime" to get her to purchase it.
Meguiar's NXT Generation Tech wax is the best I've ever used. Like I said earlier, the shine is out of this world. It is super easy to apply and comes off easy also. It leaves no residue like other waxes. You do have to hand buff it a little more then a normal wax, but it well worth the effort!!

Try it, you'll like it!!!!

hehehehehe, the man at the carwash may not appreciate me bringing my own carwax that would make him work harder hehehehe... but i will tip him well as always and then perhaps he wont mind.
Well, maybe you could wash and wax your own vehicle. Gives you self satisfaction...helps build arm and shoulder strength....lets you admire your work as you do it...what else could you ask for?!?!?!?

;D :blob:
that would be fun if i could JRacer... I am a disabled driver.... So, I take it to the carwash and watch them clean it for me.
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