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Wanted to add two transmitters but balked at price for new ones at dealership. Bought two used ones from a different 2018 Enclave. Still have our two original fobs, so tried programming additional two. Got to “Ready for transmitter 3” on dash but neither of the additional fobs would get recognized.

Are the two used fobs still tied to the original Enclave they were used for? Thought about trying programming instructions for “No recognized transmitters available” but didn’t want to risk having none that worked.

Ideas? Anyone have experience with this or am I stuck with the $130 dealership charge for programming (which I’m not sure would work)?

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I know on my Audi the remotes are a one time programming so getting a used one from another car and reprogramming it is impossible. I wouldn't expect that from GM but this talk of "unlocking/re-flashing" is concerning...

This part specifically:
More Information:
  • GM Part Numbers: 13532751, 13521090, 13506668
  • Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Battery: CR2032
  • Emergency insert key, same as: 13510389, 5929947
  • Reusable (note for car locksmiths and dealers): Used remotes are reusable after unlocking / re-flashing service
  • On Board Programming: No
  • 5 Buttons: Lock, Unlock, Power door release (back gate), Remote engine start, Panic alarm

That this service exists makes me think that's exactly what you're running into...
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