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Useful Websites

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Here is a list of websites that I have gathered from this forum and searching elsewhere.

http://www.gm.com (GM's Main Website)[/color]
http://www.buick.com (Buick's Main Website)[/color]
http://www.buick.com/enclave (Buick Enclave Main Website)[/color]
http://www.buick.com/clubhouse/index.jsp (Buick Owner Clubhouse w/ Tiger Woods)[/color]
http://www.gmcanada.com/gm (GM Canada - Check out colors and combos)[/color]
http://www.gm.com/shop/currentoffers/index.jsp (GM Current Offers)[/color]
http://fastlane.gmblogs.com (GM Blog)[/color]
http://www.gminsidenews.com (Website with GM Related News & Forums[/color]
http://www.mygmlink.com (GM Owner Center)[/color]

http://www.buick.com/vehiclelocator/buick/locatevehicle.jsp? (Buick Vehicle Locator)[/color]

http://www.gmpartsdirect.com (Parts & Accessories)[/color]
http://www.gmaccessorieszone.com (Parts & Accessories)[/color]
http://www.gmaccessorydealer.com (Parts & Accessories)[/color]
http://gmaccessoriesstore.com (Parts & Accessories)[/color]

https://www.wheels.com/fleet/reference/assembly/html/assembly_lines.asp (Automaker Production Updates)[/color]
http://www.dealsonbuick.com (New York, New Jersey Area)[/color]
http://www.gmphotostore.com (Official GM Photo Print Source)[/color]

http://www.fuelgaugereport.com (AAA Retail Gasoline Prices)[/color]
http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/gasprices/states/index.shtml (US DOE Gasoline Prices)[/color]
http://tonto.eia.doe.gov/oog/info/gdu/gasdiesel.asp (Energy Information Administration Gasoline Prices)[/color]

http://bitrim.com (Aftermarket Trim Kits)[/color]
http://www.dashkitspecialties.com (Aftermarket Trim Kits)[/color]
http://www.sherwooddashes.com (Aftermarket Trim Kits)[/color]
http://www.wooddashexperts.com (Aftermarket Trim Kits)[/color]

http://www.ventureshield.com(Paint Protection Film)[/color]
http://www.invisiblepatterns.com(Paint Protection Film)[/color]
http://www.invisiblemask.com(Paint Protection Film)[/color]
http://www.autobahndint.com/home.html(Paint Protection Film)[/color]

http://www.covercraft.com(Sun Shades)[/color]
http://store.eclipsesunshades.net/(Sun Shades)[/color]
http://dashguard.com/sunshade.asp(Sun Shades)[/color]
http://www.autosportcatalog.com/index.cfm?fa=p&cid=123&pid=277(Sun Shades)[/color]


Please feel free to add additional links.
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http://www.donlen.com/production_update.html (Automaker production updates)

https://www.gmfamilyfirst.com/ip-gmemployee/ (GM Family First - employee discount and supplier discount for Friends information)

http://www.gm-auto-mall.com/index.cfm?step=4 (Comparison pricing for GMPP extended warranty contracts)
Great list! I'm going to sticky this thread so people can find it easier.
http://www.coastaletech.com for NAV/XM/DVD/OnStar lockpicks and new iPod integration
head rest dvd players

I am new to GM, and I've already had a great experience:


Excellent prices, fast delivery, and if you have a problem they take care of it. Couldn't ask for more! :thumb:
Good to hear you had a nice experience with them John 070, but I'm pretty sure that one is already linked at the top. No harm is sharing your positive experience though! :)
Here's one about Towing regs for US and Canada.

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