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For those who have received or ordered their Enclaves, where are you in the USA? Please note the gen

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desgnconcpts said:
Maybe it shouldn't surprise you -- probably wants MSRP or above for it. Not many people willing to buy what we all consider to be a "mainstream" vehicle at a price over sticker. No matter what anyone says, this isn't a limited production run of xxxx units -- I mean, if they were offering an LXL or CXL Super with a 300+hp V8 with limited production run of 2,000 units, then I could see it.

My dealer now says that whether you order one -- or buy one off the lot from them -- no more Supplier Pricing, no Employee Pricing. All Enclaves will be sold @ MSRP or higher -- new dealer policy.
Dealers decide on an individual basis as to whether they will accept supplier or employee pricing. If anyone encounters one, just move onto another that will. This would not be a Buick/GMC/Saturn decision, but solely dealer based.
1 - 1 of 135 Posts
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