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When will first Enclaves show up?

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Since they have started making the Enclave any idea or word from dealers when they will show up in showrooms and on the road. Want some feedback from users.

In the US or Canada either comment is welcome
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I saw an Enclave on a dealership floor in Charlotte, NC today. They told me it was a "demo pre-production" unit that was on tour to various dealerships. They will have it for 2 to 3 days. It was the Cocoa Metallic loaded with just about everything. Looked VERY nice!

I ordered a Cocoa Enclave CXL 3 weeks ago. I am told that my order does not have a build date yet but is moving through the system. They are hoping my order will be in mid-May. Without a build date though I am not sure of that is even possible.
I ordered my Enclave on 4/3. I called today to check the status was told by the dealer today (in Charlotte, NC) that they have no idea when my vehicle will show up. The sales mgr also told me that Buick is not wanting them to deliver any Enclaves until after their "big intro event" in June. Consequently, he said it would probably be mid June before I receive the car. :banghead:

He would not tell me the order status code today when I called. However, on 4/27 it was status code '3000' and I was told at that time it had been that status for 9 days. ???

I informed the sales mgr (thank to y'all) that Indiana and Ohio dealers had them on their lot and were selling them. He seemed surprised and said "they must have had their event already".

Oh well, guess I'll just keep waiting...
1 - 2 of 76 Posts
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