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When will the assembly plant re-open for production?

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Does anyone know when the plant will re-open for production? I ordered my vehicle on 5.19.07 and my order is currently at status event code 3400- Broadcast (Order is sent to various build & supplier areas to bring order together). I have tried to erase the agony of waiting out of my mind....I guess it is getting harder as the weeks pass.
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I believe the plant reopens next week. If you are at 3400 already yours will probably be built next week. I don't think anyone sits at that stage very long. Congrats.
Where did you get your status event code from? Would the dealer know because each time I ask for order status he just says, it hasn't been picked up due to demand blah blah blah. I ordered on 4 June.
kanin247 said:
Where did you get your status event code from? Would the dealer know because each time I ask for order status he just says, it hasn't been picked up due to demand blah blah blah. I ordered on 4 June.
Welcome to the Club. That's the same answer I get, and I ordered May 18th. Someone else ordered 2 Weeks before I did and her order hasn't been picked up either. We both ordered White Diamond with Lux Pkg.
Good luck on yours. :)
It's my understanding that the plant resumes assembly on Thursday, the 19th. My order goes back to May 1st and it is still a piece of paper as far as I can tell. It has been at 3300 for three weeks now. Dealer says part of the problem is that a full week of June production went to rental companies. That's great: Want to drive a new Enclave - try Enterprise!
Thanks axiama and baldtop for the info...

kanin247 & rocketman:

I know that you can check on http://www.donlen.com/production_cars_gm.asp for the estimated time of the entire process for the Enclave. I just went on there today for you because you mentioned the dimaond tricoat and this is what is states...

KEY PRODUCTION INFORMATION= White Diamond Tricoat (98U) paint may increase lead time by 4 weeks or more

Also, I would contact the dealership with your questions via email this way you have everything documented. No more blah blah blah’s. This is what I sent…

Good Afternoon *****:

I ordered my Enclave CXL through you on May 19, 2007. I just would like to touch base with you because I am hearing that the assembly plant is significantly backed up in their orders.

I just have a few questions for you...In my case, are pre-sold orders prioritized as opposed to regular orders? Have you received a vin number, scheduled production date or estimated delivery date for my vehicle? Also, could you please provide me with my Order Status Code as of today? I appreciate all your assistance regarding my purchase.

Thank you in advance,

This was the Managers response…
Your Enclave has been ordered on May 19th and is currently sitting at event
code 3400. That means your vehicle has been broadcast for production and
the day stamp for that event is 6/27. I can assure you that pre sold orders
do have priority over stock units in the build process. However, at this
point, I do not have a VIN number yet. I hope this answers your questions.

Here is a list of the status codes and from what the dealer is telling you, I am wondering if your order is stuck at 2000????​

Order status codes:
1100 = Preliminary Order (Order passed GM edit tables but dealers has not received allocation to place order)
2000 = Accepted By GM (Dealer used allocation to place order into production)
2500 = Preferenced (Order pulled to the production system)
3000 = Accepted By Production Control (Order input into the production system)
3100 = Sequenced (Order sequenced for Production)
3300 = Scheduled For Production (Order is scheduled into the plant build cycle)
3400 = Broadcast (Order is sent to various build & supplier areas to bring order together)
3800 = Produced (Order is built and VIN# shows in the Dealer Order system now)
4150 = Invoiced (Order is invoiced to the dealer)
4200 = Shipped (Vehicle is shipped to the dealer or point of delivery)
5000 = Delivered To Dealer
6000 = Delivered To Customer

There are other codes but they are almost exclusively used internally by GM and have no real effect on the status of the order as pertaining to the customer.

When you order your Enclave or any other GM vehicle you can call them and ask what the Status Event Code is, and they will give you one of the numbers above. This will help you figure out where your order is within the system.

I hope this helps you all!
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That is a super-helpful post! From the bottom of the hearts of all us weary waiters...THANK YOU!!
LICIA LU , I truly appreciate you checking this out for us, and I'm sure some of the information is very helpful to some of the other members.
The reason I don't have a code is because my order hasn't been picked up as of Tuesday of last week. The dealer showed me on his computer my order, and it's the same as it was when I placed the order. I'm not too concerned about it now, because of the time of year with no action from GM, I'm just hoping for the Rear Console(late option) now, but I still get upset because I originally was hoping to own a 2008 in early 2007. Thanks. Jimmy
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