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Which Lambda is the best looking

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Which Lambda is the best looking

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Since beauty is in the eye of beholder, which Lambda looks the best to you?

I chose Enclave since that is most outstanding of all. Acadia and Outlook both are very handsome but I guess they can easily blend in to the crowded SUV/CUV market. Where Enclave will stand out like Infinit FX, Audi Q7 and a like.
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My wife and I agree. We were going to order an Enclave, but bought an Acadia off the lot. We'll wait til we have some Enclaves to choose from, then buy. I think the Enclave has powerful good looks going for it, and a unique blend of European and classic lines. I'm sure it will be very popular.
I had an Acadia SLT2 and loved it. BUT the Enclave is so much better looking I had to trade for one. Same color combo (Red Jewel / Titanium) both loaded...miss the HUD though.
Enclave hands down. I love the look of the Infinit FX and the back of the Toureg. It seems the Enclave looks to be similar to both when you look at the back. Anyhow, I just think it is quite slick. The Acadia is just too boxy for me (I like an aerodynamic look), and the Saturn, well, just looks a little to bland.
this poll is interesting and on the acadia forum it looks absolutely opposite. i havent seen it on the saturn forum yet but i bet it looks opposite also.
Ahhhhhhh, the Enclave, hands down... :cheers:
Well, what did we really expect the results of this poll to be . . . .
I have a hard time answering this poll since I have both and like the looks of both for different reasons. I think the Enclave is richer looking though. IMO, looks very similar to a Audi Q7.
I have always said I loved the looks of my Outlook, just not the swimming pool. Did look at Acadias because they are so similar but now that I have the Enclave.

LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!! Also I get lots of great comments about it. So....guess I am being won over by it! ;D
The Buick Enclave of course!
Holy "OLD THREAD" here. :D
kidsenclave said:
Holy "OLD THREAD" here. :D
Didn't even notice that. I only replied because it showed up on the front page under Recent topics.
I was cruising by in my Delorean and noticed this thread...
Wow! :eek: This poll was brought back from the dead.

Oh, and the best looking lambda is the Traverse Enclave. ;D
If this poll were current, the Traverse would win for sure...
Enclave definitely, especially with the chrome wheels. Traverse is second best.
Enclave without question! But Traverse is pretty nice. Wish Enclave rear opening was shaped to accept 4 foot lumber, but then guess it would lose some of its great looks.
the traverse os extremely ugly from the rear view..it was so hideous I had to eliminate it....
now the best looking one?
the one in my driveway of course...
Matno said:
If this poll were current, the Traverse would win for sure...
I think the Traverse looks kinda cheap. No chrome roof rails or chrome exhaust pipes and single exhaust on most except LTZ. The front end looks like a giant Malibu. You can't say that about the GMC.
As I've said before, IMO, the Enclave looks better from further away and the Acadia looks better close up.
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