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windshield replacement

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We just had our windshield on our 08 Enclave replaced. I asked that original equipment be used and they told me they would do an direct replacement. I assumed that direct replacement would mean OEM. When I picked up the car the windshield has a ppp soundmaster solargreen laminated acoustic. Since I know little about glass, did I get the same quality replacement as OEM?
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'19 model here..............got the windshield cracked and so took it to Buick to get it replaced. Noticed the replacement glass does NOT have the word 'acoustic' like the original did. It has the GM logo and all that, but hard to find info on whether it's equivalent, which I'm suspecting it isn't.

Update: I logged onto the GM/parts website and looked up 'windshields'...........so it only lists 2 options. One being for a car WITH Collision warning and one being for a car WITHOUT. So of the 2 options, they did order and install the correct one, even though it doesn't have the 'Acoustic' wording.
Another point: I saw one like ours here in the same town, except it has the 20" wheels so i pulled in there and looked at their windshield.............the nomenclature on it is exactly like the replacement one on ours........so either they've had their windshield replaced too, which i highly doubt, or the (Acoustic) nomenclature that was on our original was used for a certain time period or run of glass.............i suppose. who knows.
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