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What are XMHD channels?

This is the first time I've had XM radio and it might be my favorite feature right now. There are so many great channels to choose from. I even listened to one of the comedy channels yesterday and I was cracking up as I was driving. (I probably looked like a crazy person now that I think about it.)

The 5.1 system is unbelievable. Now, I couldn't comment on how quiet the car is 'cause so far I've had the radio cranked up and the sunroof open. I love this car!

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monstersinc1 said:
Does anyone know if the factory radio (with the 5.1 Surround option) supports XMHD channels on XM? ???
The link says you need new equipment and it's just now rolling out so I highly doubt the current radio could handle it.
However, it also says that HD channels can also be played on current XM radios so perhaps it'll sound a lot better even if it isn't able to pick up the full HD affect.
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